Share Space was founded in bali by 3 architects at the early month of 2018. We determine to provide traveler with the living space that information could be generate and share continuously and simultaneously for your travel needs. As traveler enthusiast we found information from other travellers are worthy to share. This could help your travel organise and efficient.


Imagine when you arrive at new frontier, front desk hotel where you stayed were become your hand full of resources. This give us idea, instead you scrambling for travel information from an agent and brochure , we provide you with the live information from the other traveler itself, who freshly experienced the journey. Through our space, we also help you communicating your travel objectives with other traveller. This could lead to arrangement that possibly you can share accommodation, meal, and other resources that lead to inexpensive, convenient, and safe travel, while eliminating any third party or agency that could cost you. Our premise is in our confine living space you can chill, creatively create your personal journey and keep connect with other travellers.



Entrepreneur, as an experienced builder and maker, he own and manage a lot of property in Bali. His making creativity strive in every aspect of our physical detail.
Fell in love with Bali for its culture and vibrant community across the island, she love to explore around with fellow traveler. She also do calligraphy, lettering, and also a tattoo artist. She will help you get the information you need about how to start get around the island, the cool places around, where to get your starter kit and basically anything you need. Don't hesitate to ask for her help when she’s around!
Architect and designer, really loves bali for its culture, 20 years ago he started his career in the US as designer and architect, back to hiw own country Indonesia stanley built his own wooden house in desa munduk bedugul near danau tamblingan Bali. Now while managing the sharespacebali stanley keep actively become architect and designer. He also teachs aikido in sharespacebali every weekend, so the guest can actively enjoy his hospitality through wellness. Once in a while he really love to accompany guest exploring Bali and its beauty.
Interior Designer with interest in sewing, gardening and food. Love the strolling when having a trip and share the story of the places she has visited. Never say no to bread and lemon meringue.
Ni Ketut Pancasarini has been around as property consultant , her expertise in cultural context of Bali has helped us in developing places that have sense and respect to the nature

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Location 1
Batu Belig Square
Jl. Batu Belig 38, Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Bali